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Massage Services

Sports Massage with Localized Self-Heating Mud Treatment ::  $140/$185

This service is designed to relieve muscle soreness and helps
reduce lactic acid. Self-heating mud treatment applied to
areas of concern enhances deep tissue manipulation.


Therapeutic Massage/Deep Tissue ::  $70/$110/$160

Targets deeper muscles, layer by layer, to address muscle tension.
Customized for your needs, using varying modalities and pressure.


Hot Stone Massage  ::  $115/$160

Smooth hot stones massage and deeply relax the body, creating an
energy exchange between stones and body tensions.  (60/90min)


Aromatherapy Massage  ::  $70/ $105/ $145

Concentrated therapeutic essential oils enhance function of internal
organs, strengthen immune system and increase circulation.
(30/ 60 / 90min.)


Swedish Massage  ::  $60/ $100/$150

Optimal tension and stress relief relaxes, increases circulation and
eases sore muscles. (30 / 60 / 90 min.)


Prenatal Massage  ::  $75/ $105/ $140

Custom pampering for mothers-to-be after the first trimester. Relieves
aches caused by shifts in weight and center of gravity, reduces
swelling, enhances energy.  (30/ 60/ 90 min.)

Couples Massage  ::$200/ $290/

Pampering for two in an intimate suite. Select from massage styles.

Pricing is based on Swedish Massage; other types priced accordingly.
Consult Spa Coordinator for details.  (60/ 90min)


Pure Jojoba Hot Oil Scalp Massage :: $30

Warmed exotic nut oils are slowly drizzled and massaged gently into scalp and
neck. Restores balance, leaving hair shiny and healthy.
(15 min.)