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Nail Services

Nail Services



                                                        Full Set                           Fill/touch Up
Acrylics                                                $25                                 $20
Solar pink/white                                  $40                                 $35
Stiletto                                                  $40                                 $25
Pink/white gel                                      $75                                 $35
Fiberglass                                            $40                                $30
Polish change hands                           $10                         French $15
Polish change feet                               $15                         French $20
Nail Repair                                           $3 & up
Sculpture                                              $35
Artificial Nail Cut Down                       $3-$5
Extra Artificial Nail Length                  $3- $10
Artificial Toe Nail                                 $5/each
Kids Manicure (12&under)                 $15
Kids pedicure (12& under)                 $20
Gellish/Shellac Polish                          $30
*This service is additional charge for all manicures
*Unless included with service, 2 or more colors is a additional $5 & up
Nail Art

Swarovski Crystal Rhiniestones                                             10 for $3
3D Art (corkskrew/spiral, Hello Kitty, butterfly, etc.)              $15 & up
Crackle (per nail)                                                                      $2
Designer Glitter Polish (includes topcoat)                             $10
Glow-In-The-Dark Polish (includes topcoat)                          $10
Designer Decals                                                                      $5 & up
Charms                                                                                     $10 & up
Confetti and Other Add-Ons                                                  Prices Vary
*All nail enhancement and designer nail prices depend upon the condition of the hands and/or feet prior to service. Prices vary with the length of the nail and number of colors used (if applicable). We will only service healthy, intact skin.
** Prices are in addition to other services such as Manicure, Pedicure, full set or fill.
***Prices subject to change without notice. 

Basic Manicure :: $20

Relaxing treatment for hands and nails includes special care, soothing hand massage, setting the stage for your choice of polish, expertly applied. (30 min.)

Refresher Manicure :: $30

Warm soak and exfoliation, then a warm towel wrap lead an energizing hand and arm massage with 
lotion or oils. Leave with a beautiful polish finish. (35 min.)

Signature Da Lux Spa Manicure :: $35

This delightful, energizing rub exfoliates while it helps nourish and moisturize dehydrated skin. Imagine yourself in the promise land. This hand masque drenches you in natural goodness of rich essential oils. Helps nourish/hydrate dry skin and ease sore muscles. (40 min.)


Basic Pedicure :: $25

Relaxing pedicure includes hydrotherapy foot soak, special   
cuticle care, exfoliation and soothing lower leg massage, preparing skin for your long-lasting polish finish. (45 min.)

Spa Pedicure :: $45

Indulge in a recipe for relaxation with a warm soak and
exfoliation, refreshing mask wrap with warm towels, lower leg
and foot massage with the latest aromatherapy lotion or oils.
Then, you’ll be treated to a beautiful polish finish. (55 min.)

Signature Da Lux Spa Pedicure :: $50

Fresh cucumber and and green tea are great for dehydrated skin. These ingredients help moisyurize and tighten tired feet, leaving them feeling smooth. Enjoy the benefits of nature with a cucumber exfoliating scrub and a detoxifying masque . Let its fresh, crisp scent make you surrender your cares like a child in the summertime, while the tea releases the exhilarating power of antioxidants. (55 min.)

Add $5 for exfoliation.

Add $5 for callus remover.

All Manicure & Pedicure combos – 10% off total price. Offer not valid with any other discounts or packages